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About me

Darcy Buckley

Founder/Image Stylist

Originally from San Pedro, CA, Darcy grew up in a strong, hardworking, creative household in the Tampa Bay area. Her father was the one who enrolled her in martial arts at the age of 8. This was her first introduction to learning about Female Empowerment. She worked and trained hard, and it paid off because she ended up earning her 2nd degree Black Belt. To this day, Darcy is still is in love with the sport and continues to train as often as she can.


In 2000, Darcy also completed the Cosmetology program while attending High School. By the time she graduated, she was a Licensed Cosmetologist. That same year is when she started working at her very first salon. 


While working at a salon, Darcy decided to continue her education and enrolled herself into the Fashion Design program at International Academy of Design and Technology. It was there when she took off with her creative energy! (Having amazing mentors definitely helped!) That was the beginning of endless Photoshoots, countless Fashion Shows, and the passion for Productionstarted. Not only did she get to use her skills as a Hair and Makeup Artist, but also now she’s putting her new skills to use with on the job training of Wardrobe Styling, Production Coordinating, Model/Talent Scouting, and so much more. 


After graduating with an AS in Fashion Design and Marketing, Darcy didn’t stop there. She stayed with the IADT family and went into the Digital Photography program as well. After learning so many great tips and tricks of the trade, you can definitely say she’s very well-rounded in her craft. There’s nothing better than having a hair and makeup artist on set at all times. She worked hand in hand with the fashion department and the photography department until she graduated with her AS in Digital Photography. Even after, she was hired back for various projects.


Even though she graduated college, Darcy continued to work at the salon. Even though she had a huge clientele base, she couldn’t leave her ‘family’. She believed in strong work ethicsby feeding her creativity with projects outside of the salon. Having multiple jobs never seemed to faze her. With her hard work, talents, and networking skills helped land some pretty cool side gigs, such as, freelancing Hair and MUA for HSN akaHome Shopping Networkfor almost three years, MUA forshort filmslike The Lesson, Events/Weddings Coordinating, Assistant to the Backstage Managers for Miami Fashion Week, countless Hair and Makeup for Weddings and Photoshoots, an Image Stylistfor a female empowerment group HND aka Hot Ninja Defenders, and even a Hair and MUA for Total Divason the E! That’s only to name a few of things that makes her, her. 


As hard as it was, she knew it was time to grow. After a painful decision, she left the salon of 8 years and had tons of roadblocks, obstacles, and hurdles before On Point Image Studio was born.  Darcy is currently working on her Fitness Certification to complete her entire vision of being an Image Stylist.


“What is an ‘Image Stylist’?” You might ask. You should! It’s the combination of Darcy’s creative vision, education, and talents that includes but does not limit… Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, Fitness, Photography, Branding, and Female Empowerment as a complete package. It took her many years 

to find her passion.


‘We are constantly growing and changing each and every single day. Embrace your passion….’

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