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Welcome to On Point and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We would like to personally thank you for considering us to be a part of your special day. We hope to help make your day as memorable as you’ve always dreamed it will be. We know that you have a lot of decisions to make, and we would like to think that picking On Point ’s services will be the easiest of them all. 


To get the process started, we highly recommend a trial or two to get rid of any indecisiveness on your style before the big day.  We want to make sure that you feel  beautiful and confident  on a very memorable moment of your life.


If you do decide to schedule a hair or makeup trial with us, we recommend planning in advance for a day when you have an event or outing to take full advantage of your look.  Don’t let that amazing hair and makeup go to waste! However, we know that whether it’s your bridal shower, bachelorette party, date night or even just an excuse to leave work early, you will be impressed by both the beauty and the durability of your style. Many brides-to-be have even done a no wash second day look, which is not highly recommended for the skin, but it has been done. This just speaks to  both the high quality of the products used and the skill in which they have been applied.


After making an appointment, start planning! Get an idea of the look that you are interested in. Keep in mind both your facial structure and eye shape when choosing makeup looks, and also your type of hair when picking your ideal style. With our fashion education and knowledge, On Point takes pride in customizing your bridal look to what works for the style of your wedding aesthetic.


We hope that after your trial all of your styling jitters will be put to rest, and now the real planning can begin.  


(There is no wedding location too near or far, and no wedding party too big or too small for On Point!)


What We Need to Know


  • Date and time of your wedding

  • Wedding Location

  • Styling Location (if different than wedding locale)

  • How many people and amount of hair and/or makeup services required (More than one stylist may be needed in order to accommodate everyone in the party)

  • Time of photographer’s arrival

  • Photographer’s timing schedule for pre-wedding pictures

  • Desired time of departure for wedding location

  • Are you doing any special photos (First Look, Father/Daughter; etc) that may affect the timeline? 




Now that you have all the info , you’re probably curious about pricing! 


Our makeup services begin at $65 per person. False eyelashes are included in the price at no additional charge, and we do request that you have a fresh, clean face for both trial services and day-of. 


Styling services range from $45 to $75 depending on the style that is desired. Simple blowdry services start at $30. 


An additional fee of $50 per stylist will apply for any on-location services.  An additional charge per stylist may also apply if there is a venue parking fee.


Past Bridal Ideas and Favorites to Consider


  • Rehearsal dinner hair and makeup for an additional fee

  • Two wedding day looks – one for ceremony and one for reception at an additional cost 

  • If you are interested in spray tanning, make sure to do a trial before the week of the wedding

  • Inexpensive extensions to enhance your bridal style

  • Eyelash extensions (these last up to 2 weeks)



Hopefully we have addressed all of your bridal styling related inquiries. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask! 

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